API 1608 Console
A Control Room
Some of our amps
Some of our microphones
Studio A Control Room
Some of our Guitars
A From Booth
A Producers Desk
Baby Grand Piano
API 1608 modules
Some of the Studio A Gear
Bart in tracking room
Bart Rose
API 1608 Recording Console
Studio A Console

Fort Worth Sound is a world class DFW recording studio located in the Near Southside neighborhood of Fort Worth, Texas. The studio is home to award winning Engineer/Producer Bart Rose. Bart specializes in recording, mixing and mastering music projects for bands, singers, songwriters, voice-over talent, etc. From demo to complete album project, Bart can help you produce the quality you're looking for.

The studio boasts a large 20'x25' tracking room, two isolation booths, an API 1608 Console, an Aurora Audio 10 channel Neve Style sidecar, Pro Tools Ultimate 2020.12.1  HDX system, and is great for full band recording, Voice-over, production, drum tracking, mixing and mastering. The design was inspired by the amazing work of the Russ Berger Design Group. The large tracking room has 12 foot ceilings and floating floors (to avoid low frequency rumble from the traffic of the city, etc.) It took nearly 3 years to complete the construction of this amazing space.

Fort Worth Sound Recording Studios

The studio has a large mic collection,  great consoles plus outboard mic pre's and high end outboard EQ, compression and limiting. We think you will agree that Fort Worth Sound is one of the finest recording studios in the North Texas area.

F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S


"Fort Worth Sound has been my studio home for Many years now. I've recorded in several studio's in my time and you either feel the vibe or you don't. I Mean, there's a welcoming energy in the room or there's not. And I definitely feel it here. And besides the tangibles of the studio itself, the man in charge, (Producer, Owner, and Engineer Bart Rose) is truly one of the best in the business. He's a great talent and a great man and those 2 things are rare. He works very hard to give you a great product and makes it super fun at the same time. So It's an all around A+ in my book". 

Deryl Dodd

"This is one of my favorite facilities I've worked in. Great rooms, Great gear, Great people!!!!"
Lester Estelle-Pillar

"Drum Room of choice for me in the DFW area. Bart is fast and efficient and the gear is killer. Highly recommended."
David Castell-Producer (Blue October, Deep Blue Something, Toadies, Burden Brothers, Spot..)

"Beautiful control room, top-notch gear, airy main tracking room - with windows even!"
Vaden Todd Lewis-THE TOADIES

"Me likey Fort Worth Sound. Me lovey Bart Rose. Comfy environs, warm rocking sounds, and a working fridge. Flushing toilet, spacious parking...a Sgt. Pepper can be made here. As for me, I'll just make a SPOT record..."
Reggie Rueffer-SPOT

"I was more than thrilled with my EP that I tracked at Fort Worth Sound. Bart Rose made everything run smooth and my whole band was so comfortable. It's amazing what can happen when everything sounds great and all you have to do is go in and make music!"