Stoney, Deryl, Bart and Tanner
Callahan Divide
Joey Green and Charla Corn
Luke Wade, Austin Allsup, Bart Rose

281 South, 80 Proof, 800 Mile Monday,
Asleep at the Wheel, Austin Allsup, Allie Noelle, AfterMath, A Tragic Fake, Giancarlo Angioni, Albatross, Abby Anderson, Derek Anthony, Alvaro Jr., Anthem Rising 
BJ Barham (American Aquarium) Ray Benson, Kyle Bennett, Randy Brown, Bri Bagwell, Berkley School of Music, Blank Labels, Sonny Burgess, Kirk Baxley, The Buffalo Rukkus, Rob Baird, Jaron Bell Band, Barrel Deluxe, Brandon Bush Band, Besotoxx, Rusty Burns, Band From Uncle, Josh Bradford, Brazos Films, Dusty Baker and the Deep Creek Outlaws, Buck Fuffalo
Callahan Divide, Aaron Copeland, Charlie's Bowtie, Charley Sheffield & The Rukkus, Cottonwood Park, Anthony Coker and the Majestics, Scott Copeland Band, Crosswind, The Cush (formerly Buck Jones), Charla Corn, Chance Ray Band, Chase and the New South, Judson Cole Band, Chumffoe, Crossing Tyler, Marc Cote, Jason Scott Clark Band, Mike Calaway Band, Senator John Cornyn, Capias, Carthage, Matt Compton, Chemical Tree, David Castell (producer), Cross Country Lines, Can A Bus Dream, Citywide Affair, Calm Before The Storm, James Crow, Chris Clayton (Producer) 
Deryl Dodd, Dalton Domino, Ryli Dylan, Ali Dee, Damn Texans, Jessica Davis, Dolly Shine, Neal Drennan Band, Matt Day Band, Eric Dennis Band, The Dan Family, Diesel, Don't Call Me Shirley, Cornell Dupree, Calm Before The Storm, Determination, Driffield Band,Digital Post Production
Elaina Kay, Zach Edwards Band, Exit 380, Electric, Epic Ruins
Creed Fisher, Frontier Sons, Flatop Gypsy, Sammy Fox, Jeremy Phifer Band, The Follow Through (Joe K.) Forever After Market, From Date To Bulletin, Thomas Flynn, Jessie Frye, Faith To Rise, First and Forever Music Publishing
Pat Green, The Gibbonses, Cody Gill Band, Green River Ordinance, Brad Good, Joey Green, Grant Jones & the Pistol Grip Lasso's, Weston Gentry and the Untouchables, Gator Ryan Band, The Grey Company, Goodnight Charlene, Woody Gibson Band
Matt Hillyer, Steve Helms, Holy Moly, Jeff Hobbs & the Jacks, Jolie Holiday, Kylie Rae Harris, Phil Hamilton and the Backroad Drifters, Hillbilly Vegas, Will Hunt (Producer),The Allen Hurt Band, Brady Hulsey Band, Halloway, Tim Hood Blues Band, Matthew Hodges

Joshua Ingram, In Memory Of Man
Jackson Tillman Band, Adrian Johnston, Jesse Jennings, Dan Johnson, Erin Johnston, Jeff Johnson Band, Jagee, June Halo, Tyler James, Jimmy Jones Band, J.R. and the Bootleggers, John the Mayor
Katsuk, Matt Kimbrow, Kirtland Records, Gary Kyle Band, Randall King Band, Keller Hicks Band, The Kilroys, Kids Who Care, Katy Keenie, Kroma Key
Mark Lettieri (Snarky Puppy), Lance Lopez, Larry Joe Taylor, Michael Lee Band, Justin Langston, Lost Noviembres, Last Day Living, Clint Levi Band, Long Sword Spectacular, Renaldo Lapuz (American Idol), The Liking Strikes, Rocky Lott Band, LDJ Band, Little Green Men,
Midwest Tragedy, JC Minton, Moon Grave, Mo Stevens, Manny and the Gringoderos, Tori Martin, Sean Mitchell, Meridian, Chad McBride and the Drifters, Manderly Street Band, Mike McClure (Producer), Mike Mancy Band, Jeremy Martin Band, Clint Moody Band, Todd Mankin Band, Matt Wayne and Forgotten Highway, The Mural, Ryan Mcbride, Brady McCool, Mayeth, Marvin Matthews, Mister Mark
No Scope, George Navarro, Night Gallery, Allie Noelle , Jason Nix
Oil Boom, Chris Osborne, One Minute Halo, One Red Martian, Out Of April, Out Nine 20, Old School Messiah,
Dave Perez (Tejas Brothers), Dan Patterson, Prophets and Outlaws, Pushwater, Rodney Pyeatt, Jake Pyeatt, Courtney Patton, Jeremy Phifer Band, Pawn Shop Gentlemen, Pale Horses, Dempsey Pulley, Waylon Pierce Band, Michael Padgett, Stephen Pointer Band, Pardi Gras, Primal Circus, The Phoenix Project, Palmtree
Quaker City Nighthawks
Jamie Richards, Leon Rausch (Texas Playboys), The Rusty Brothers, The Remains, Heather Roberts Band, Justin Ross Band, Mike Ryan, Chance Ray, Roc Zombie, Roger Ray (Jason Boland And the Stragglers), The Red Herrings, Rubber Gun Squad, Resort To Failsafe, Railhead
Southern Sky, See Seven Stars, Zac Stokes Band, Lee Scheetz, Saints Eleven, SPOT, Six Market Blvd., Stoneface Cowboys, Lee Scheetz & Borderline, She Dances, Mike Stanley Band, Steven Staley Band, Dusty Smirl Band, Songbird Jones (Matt Jones), Matt Stapp Band, Souless Intent, Signals & Alibis, Amos Staggs, Mike Scheuchzer (Guitarist for Mercy Me/Producer), Brandon Steadman Band, Preston Scott Band, Spanish For Valerie, Smile Smile, Silent Surrender, Spivey Crossing, Spin Move Records, Satellite Dream, Splinter, Skyline, Staggercrawl, Saints and Saviors, Schlotzsky's, Strategic Perception, Standard Issue, Ashley Sanchez, Soulcake
THE TOADIES, Tungsten Wake, Truck Stop Gamblers, Trae Hubrel and the Tameless, Them Chisolm Folks, Two Ton Folk, Thieves of Sunrise, The Rebel '57, TC Fambro and the Copperheads, The Transporters, Larry Joe Taylor Music Fest 2011 (Stoney Larue, Charla Corn, Reckless Kelly, Kyle Park, No Justice, Mike McClure Band, Joe Ely, Josh Abbott, Larry Joe Taylor, Six Market Blvd. Tejas Brothers, Deryl Dodd, Kevin Fowler, Mark McKinney), Tejasmosis, Transcendence, Three Rivers Alice, Two Empty Chairs, Thaxton, Josh Tatum, Too Twenty Two Band, Time Bandits, The Judd Taylor Band, The Trinity Dogs
Union Hill
Vangough,Vandoliers, Vorvon, Villain Vanguard, Van Darien, Zack Verner, The Vibes, Victim of Tomorrow,
Sterling Winfield (Producer), Chris Watson Band, The Wires, Koe Wetzel and the Konvicts, Kody West, Walkin' Johnny, Colt West Band, We The Sea Lions, The Williams, Leland Williams, Whiskey Skyline, Whiskeypants, Eric Willis, The Winniebego Forcefield, L.D. Whitehead and 80 Proof, Jordan Walker Band, Waking Alice, Jodie Wachsmann
Marshall Young Band, Courtney Yates
Zysu, Zativah Kid 

Bart Rose's Clients from First Street Audio (now closed)

Although Fort Worth Sound is a newer studio, Fort Worth Sound's owner Bart Rose is not new to the recording business. Here is a list of clients recorded at his previous studio, FIRST STREET AUDIO.

50 Cents Short, 10% Effort, 89 Butterfly 100 Proof Hatred, ASKA, All The Above, Anti-Tuesday, The Amos Moses Band, Atomic Apostle, Among The Masses, American Cutting Horse Association, Arlington Heights United Methodist Church, Asided, American Idle, Aschere, Aggressive Christine, Acidjoker, Auburn, Buddy Miles, Barrel Delux, Backseat Forward, BMG Music Group, Blonde Girls, Bad Fun, Big E Sports Show, Blue Eyed Son, Brickfight, Bjorn Kirby, Bindle, Bomb Almighty, Blackbelt Jones, Bigloo, Buddy Revelle, Brookhaven, Barbed, Backseat Driver, Band From Uncle, Burnt Out, Blackwood, Blank, Calhoun, Chatterton, Chasing Instinct, Kip Callahan, Curtis, Cervus, Cold Fury, Catfish Whiskey, Conversion Therapy, Copper Shrooms, Criminal Esteem, The Chronics, Clutchburn, Cattle Assasins, Darth Vato, Dead Body Krew (DBK), Determination, Dead Sexy, Dryline, Dsivy, Dissinsion, Dedbolt V, Dreadscott, Due South, Digbees, Eden Automatic, Electric Church, Exit 380, Empty Tables, The Esquire, Engine Of The Ocean, Ethynol, Equal By Six, Ebo and the Tomcats, Ezra Boggs, Exit To Freedom Records, Eagles Wings, The February Chorus, Fort Worth ISD, Five Talents More, Firstcom Music, Frolic, Steve Fromholz, Farewell To Emily, Fake Your Death, Fireal, Funtch, Freeform, For No Reason, Friction, The Flashback Band, The Freedom Band, Frank Kent Cadillac Goodwin, Germanus, Get Well, Goodbye Blackbird, Ghoultown, Gin Lizzy, GB Records, Holland K. Smith, Habitual, James Hinkle, Howard Starling & The Grooveyard Band, Haiasi, Horses, Howitzer, The High School Assembly, Gary Hankins, Highland Myst Entertainment, Headsouth, Bill Ham, Higher Ground, Joshua Ingram, Inner Turmoil, Infirmity, Inbox, Infestation, Inraged, Impowered, The Influenced, Just Short Of Sunday, John Inman Network, Jesuits Tea, Jewish God Magic Jesus, Knuckle Groove, Kids Who Care, Kid On A Pony, Kry, KS9, Kroma Key, Lutikriss (Norma Jean), Tim Locke, Lift, Liturgy, Little Green Men, Lifesize, Love Vs. Hate, Lab Rabbit, Jerry Max Lane, Lost, Late Shift, Logic 34, Liquid Lizard, League Of Struggle, Level 5, Lyra, Lost Reality, Load Factor, Marvin Matthews, Mister Mark, The Moondevils, Might As Well, Morning Overboard, Midwest October, Mucous, Mindflow, Mechanism 13, Medasin Man, Milhouce, Monument, Mellotonin, My Name Is Gerald, Mr. Eds Psychadelic Funshack, The Me Thinks, Majik, McGrath and the Crimedogs, No Scope, Neverdead, NoGoodnicks, Nipple, Overscene, Josh Owen, (of Nashville Star), Oliver Future, One Minute Halo, Of Man And Myth, On The Double, One Credit Hour, Oddstar Experiment, Our First Fall, Outgunned, Obsidion, Peter Black and the Lifters, Parallax View, Pluto Records, PVK, Poor Mary, PHD, Panacea, Stephen Pointer, Parasite Lost, Perfect Hate, Pale Riders, Powering The Devine Machine, Poppinz, Road Hogs, The Raybans, Neely Reynolds, Railhead, Rob Baird and the Whiskey Reunion The Ridgleas, Raremagick, Rugburn, Tony Reed, Rezn, The Resistance, Ruby Doos, The Redletters, Terry Rasor, The Relatives, Rosedale, Revenance, Stella Rose, Shatter Me, Stalking Laura, Small Guy Music, Smith Music Group, Seventh Aphid, Satellite Dream, The Summit, Sugarfoot, Sliders Fault, Staggercrawl, Stone Down, Smart Like Einstein, Holland K. Smith, Sally Majestic, Seven Skies Red, Swilley, Soviet Space, Sexy Trash, Sandcastle, Surely Struck, Syndikate, Symptomatic, Skwee-G, Samsons Wig, The Susans, Sun Dogs, Solcorps, Skunky Johnson, Sealed, Seamless Transit, Shift, Sadistic, Star Wish Too Late, Shig Shag, Sunn Water Systems, Superdog, Eric Tipton, Travail, Travisty Vinyl, Ten Years Wasted, Travis Ave. Babtist Church, Brad Thompson, T.A.C.T., These Northern Lights, The Trinity River Band, Titan Moon, Team Player, Tornado Alley, Twisting Cain, Thyme, Texas Death Chamber, Twisted, Undeniable, Underpaid Heroes, Valeyra, Villain Vanguard, The Vibes, Voigt, Vladamir, Voodoo Kings, Violent Mercy, Veach, Vigilante, Veras Transmitter, Elizabeth Wills, Waking Alice, Wry Dawn, Wooden Tongue, Wax Myrtle, Within, Watercloset, Willy The Disk, Yen, Zenmalo